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May 2020

Distill Brands

Touting a potent 80% alcohol recipe (the FDA recommends we make a sanitizer with at least 80% ethyl alcohol for use currently—while the Germ-X® and Bath & Body Works™ brands you are using only contain 68%) this sanitizer is distillery crafted right along with the top-shelf vodka, using the excess “heads” of the grain not meant for drinking. Presented in a glass bottle, infused with a pure essential oil to leave you feeling practically—dare we say—exhilarated, this liquid (non-gel) solution is GMO free and contains no phalates, no parabens, no gluten, no nothing you don’t want.

Faceplant - Dreams

Bamboo basics. Stunningly soft and versatile pieces that perfect your everyday look, not to mention loungewear and jammies you just can't resist.

Jen and CO

Jen and Co. is the trend-driven brand that bridges the gap between contemporary and classic styles, based out of Atlanta, GA. Jen and Co. features trendy, affordable, and soft monogrammable vegan leather handbags. Jen and Co. brings you stylish cruelty-free handbags in classic silhouettes and a variety of colors that suits all ages!

Life Flower Care

Life Flower is a family owned and operated business located in Orange County, California. We handcraft all of our products in small batches from natural, ethically sourced ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutely no artificial fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives. Our products are a reflection of our core belief, that Mother Nature has been divinely designed with the solutions humans need to thrive and live our best and most meaningful lives. Life Flower is committed to creating synergistic and high-vibrational wellness products that improve the quality of life on all levels physically, spiritually, and mentally. Life Flower makes natural and eco-friendly products for people of all ages that change the standard on hemp-derived CBD while aiming to raise spiritual consciousness and awareness.


Mixture® produces candles, bath & body products, and home cleaning products, all HAND-MIXED for YOU with over 60 luxurious fragrances. Our products are always handmade, to order, in small batches to ensure the freshness and quality of your order.

Super-Sparkly Saftey Stuff, LLC

FREE SHIPPING on ORDERS over $240 There was a time when self-defense meant masculine-looking products in boring packaging. Enter the Atteberry family, who realized that if pepper spray were designed with a girly aesthetic in mind, it would change not only the product category forever, but finally get girls excited about taking ownership of their safety.


Tech Candy is a collection of techcessories—from phone water bags to cord organization solutions, wireless speakers to webcam security curtains, LED purse lights to MFi cables— and a host of other gorgeous gadget goodies. Tech Candy is laser focused on women's needs with the goal of reinventing on-trend but otherwise uninspired tech solutions into beautiful, giftable products.


Trove puzzles are infused with all the qualities we know contribute to the most extraordinary puzzle experience. This culmination includes lovingly laser cutting each piece from real wood, designing just the right amount of difficulty to keep the process from being mindless, creating the size and piece count to make the effort mindful, and including whimsical Treasure Pieces in fascinating shapes. Puzzle artisans of the Victorian era crafted puzzles from wood and hand cut them with a jigsaw, making each a true labor of love. Just like Trove puzzles, putting one of these puzzles together was a markedly different experience?the pieces are dropped into place rather than being pressed into place like today?s mass-produced cardboard puzzles. The experience is unlike any other, providing a rewarding *click* with each placed piece.

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42 units 16 units of blingsting (2 each color), 8 units of ahh-larm (2 each color), and 6 units of the Glammer (2 pink, 2 rose gold, 2 white), 6 first-aid cluthces, 4 stunning guns. 2 FREE units includ
Brand: Super-Sparkly Saftey Stuff, LLC


Sanitizing Elixir 375ML Glass Bottle Pump Rosemary Mint
Brand: Distill Brands

SKU: FM-001

Pack of 4 - Pretty Little Face Covering Elastic ties go behind your ears Pleated design fits snugly around your face Nose strap bends to keep mask in place
Brand: Baublerella


Brand: Jen and CO


Brand: Jen and CO


ZOOCCHINI - Organic Reusable Masks 3pk - Shark Multi -3y+
Brand: Kidcentral


ZOOCCHINI - Organic Reusable Masks 3pk - Unicorn Multi - 3y+
Brand: Kidcentral


ZOOCCHINI - Organic Reusable Masks 3pk - Duck Multi - 3y+
Brand: Kidcentral


ZOOCCHINI - Organic Reusable Masks 3pk - Dog Multi - 3y+
Brand: Kidcentral

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