Minimum Order Minimum Reorder Accepted Credit Cards
A and H View Products $500 $200
Banded View Products $250 $150 CREDIT CARD
Baublerella Baublerella is a company that believes everyday products can be more than just that. We create glamorous, clean-crafted products that solve life’s little struggles for girls on-the-go. View Products $200 $100 CREDIT CARD
Beachware, LLC Bold, Elegant & Evolutionary- Made of durable, machine-washable, BPA-Free acrylic, The Beach Glass’® holds the glass upright in sand, grass and snow. And they float! View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
Beaudin Designs View Products $300 $100 CREDIT CARD
BEEKMAN 1802 we collaborate with local farmers, craftspeople & artisans to produce our products. We pay fair prices for quality goods. . We produce our goods seasonally, because, well, that's how our goats, chickens, pigs, garden & trees do it. We personally eat, use, wear, and wash with the goods that we sell. View Products $350 $150 CREDIT CARD
Boody North America, LLC Boody thoughtfully fits your everyday life with the softest, most comfortable clothing essentials. We do this using naturally grown, organic bamboo. From the fabrics we use, to how we design, craft and deliver our products; we work to deliver easy-to-wear pieces you can feel good about. View Products $500 $150 CREDIT CARD
Bops In 2000, homegrown entrepreneur and mother, Amy Bernard, began a business with a passion for art, female empowerment, and cultivating ones God-given skills. Formerly known as Beehive Wholesale, the our mission is simple: create products that are not only unique and sustainable but come from a collaboration of women partnering together for change. With over 25 years of experience in both retail and wholesale ventures, bops is dedicated to using a portion of its profits to teach practical skills to women to help start and sustain their own businesses. Whether it’s working with locals in Louisiana or teaching new skills abroad, it’s our passion to raise the next generation of female leaders. View Products $300 $150 CREDIT CARD
CapaBunga View Products $150 $100 CREDIT CARD
DefineME Fragrances DefineMe scents were created to connect you to the goddess within. Our fragrances are a wearable reminder of your self-love, creativity, gratitude, wanderlust, free-spiritedness, and strength. By understanding the connection between scent and emotion, we found divine-smelling fragrances to be a powerful way to help you embody that mold-breaking, barrier-crushing spirit within. View Products $300 $200 CREDIT CARD
Ebba View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
Emergency Stain Rescue Emergency Stain Rescue (ESR®) is on a mission to bring stain removal out of the laundry and into life (& the 21st century). Their products are designed for a messy world and all use a professional grade formula that can quickly save you from hated stains and let you get on with the things that you really love View Products $96 $96 CREDIT CARD
Emerson and Oliver You know that friend that shows up in the exact same outfit as you, but wears it totally different, creating their own style and look? That's us. E&O was born from our similar tastes and personalities. We take inspiration from our travels and experiences we have had together and also from the many years that we lived thousands of miles apart. We reflected back on the jelly bracelets and piano wire bracelets of our youth and redesigned them, making them our own. The DIA Bracelets were born. The word DIA: Greek for through, has special meaning to us because we believe, you do not "get over" things in your life, you "go through" them. We have been friends for 3/4 of our lives and life has thrown a lot at us from the very beginning of our friendship. View Products $675 $150 CREDIT CARD
Faceplant - Feet first The perfect gift for anyone with feet. Please note: Feet First Products are separate opening orders and shipped from a different location than other Faceplant and Faceplant INK products. View Products $240 $120 CREDIT CARD
Faceplant Dreams Bamboo basics. Stunningly soft and versatile pieces that perfect your everyday look, not to mention loungewear and jammies you just can't resist. View Products $240 $120 CREDIT CARD
Go-Comb “why doesn’t someone make a comb that fits in a wallet?” GGo-Comb had a distinct “aha!” moment, as so many great inventions have been birthed in the past. While inventor Heather was out to dinner with her uncle, he pulled out his wallet to retrieve his black plastic comb (you know the one). There it was, awkwardly protruding out of the folds of his wallet. Not very practical, and certainly not cool. View Products $150 -- CREDIT CARD
Good Times Frozen Cocktail Slushies, NO Blender, NO ice....Just mix, freeze & enjoy! View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
Green Birdie View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
Gumball Poodle Inspired by Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Vintage Chic, Retro Kitsch, Classic Camp, 70?s Underground Comix, Riff Randell and Rick James, we?re always coming up with new designs and fresh looks that will keep you on your toes and have you coming back for more. View Products $150 $150 CREDIT CARD
Gym Hair No time to shower - no problem. Gym Hair is the only naturally derived cleansing solution for sweaty hair. Just spray and finish conquering your day. View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
High Cotton High Cotton uses life’s most cherished and enjoyable elements to create amusing, hilarious, and inspirational designs for people to share their opinions with those they love. As you peruses their products you will find a variety of imagery to express your passions for pets, family, and hobbies. View Products $150 $100 CREDIT CARD
INIS November Special: Free Freight on orders over $350. Inis has been creating perfumes and toiletries inspired by the magic, beauty and nature of Ireland For over thirty years. Independent and passionate, they operate from a converted farmhouse in County Wicklow. View Products $150 $100 CREDIT CARD
Jen and CO View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
June Clever JUNE CLEVER™ COMPANY DESCRIPTION Because each of them had started businesses (1canoe2 and Twisted Wares®), Beth and Missy wanted to take the lessons they’d learned, combine their strengths, and create a NEW company with colorful, sassy kitchen goods they hadn’t seen elsewhere. They knew the designs had to be top notch, the witticisms sharp and original, and, most importantly, the products had to matter to the kind of woman that inspires Missy and Beth everyday: the smart-mouthed neighbor who hosts a killer BBQ. View Products $180 $180 CREDIT CARD
Karma Karma Gifts is committed to staying true to the core values on which the company was founded: focus on the details, produce the highest quality products, and believe in making their customers happy! View Products $150 $100 CREDIT CARD
Legend Frangrace View Products -- -- CREDIT CARD
Lenny And Eva Choose the sentiment that speaks to you, then customize it with the bracelet that fits your style. Wear your daily mantra on your wrist as a reminder to dream bigger, work harder, and love more deeply View Products $250 $100 CREDIT CARD
Little Billy Goatpaint Just like you, we grew weary of priming, sanding, and striping before restoring every piece of our home decor. Our paints, coats, glazes, and goat sticks are all made to help you eliminate a few steps on your way to creating newly, restored furniture. Little Billy Goat Paints are a one-step restoration paint and will thoroughly cover up old varnishes, scratches, blemishes, and restore vintage surfaces to a rich matte antique appearance. Your furniture, cabinetry, walls, trim and other home decor items are in for treat! Choose from our hugely popular line of decorative paint colors. View Products $1,000 $100 CREDIT CARD
Mountain Mamas Welcome to Mountain Mamas, where stylish fun meets comfort! Every piece of clothing in our line is designed with the Everyday Woman in mind. Women who are so busy taking care of everyone else that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves; women who work hard and want easy choices in their wardrobe for casual wear. Mountain Mamas has many great options for you. Our silky soft tunics are cut to flatter all body types and our leggings feel like wearing a cloud. To wear them is to love them. If you?re looking for outerwear to cover long tunics, look no further than our hoodies. Don?t forget to tie it all together with our colorful scarves! Each type of scarf is carefully designed with patterns and colors to match our clothes. With Mountain Mamas, it?s easy to pull together an outfit that pops. We have a range of fabulous tunics for different occasions as well as seasons. By far, our most popular is the Essential Tunic ? it features ? length sleeves and a hi-lo hemline that flows and covers. But don?t stop there! The Bell Sleeved Tunic has style and flair, and our Nantucket Tunic features an uneven hemline with stripes that glide. Our clothing is very affordable and easy to take care of. It can be machine washed, line dried and still look good! View Products $100 $100 CREDIT CARD
Oka B View Products $600 $150 CREDIT CARD
Pink Picasso Kits View Products $204 $100 CREDIT CARD
Silverforest As Unique as You Silver Forest jewelry is enchanting, playful, full of color and texture. We believe that the difference is in the details. Our jewelry is made using quality materials and lovingly handcrafted in Southern Vermont. We believe that our earrings are about much more than accessorizing. They’re about feeling beautiful, uplifted and confident. They’re about expressing your true self. At Silver Forest we take pride in making our products so you can feel proud wearing them. Our mission is simple—to create wearable art that is as timeless and unique as you. View Products $1,300 -- CREDIT CARD
Snark City Snark City is a fun line that appeals to many! It is unisex, very mod, black and white and just plain fun! Our products are rated “S” for SARCASTIC & SNARKY. It is intended for immature audiences and the easily offended should be advised. View Products $200 $100 CREDIT CARD
Stephen Joseph Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique gifts while delivering service to their customers which exceed expectations since 1981! View Products $250 $150 CREDIT CARD
Super-Sparkly Saftey Stuff, LLC There was a time when self-defense meant masculine-looking products in boring packaging. Enter the Atteberry family, who realized that if pepper spray were designed with a girly aesthetic in mind, it would change not only the product category forever, but finally get girls excited about taking ownership of their safety. View Products $160 $160 CREDIT CARD
TECH CANDY Tech Candy makes wide collection of technology-based accessories with designs were borne from pop culture inspiration. View Products $120 $60 CREDIT CARD
Think Product Lab \ Flint Flint is a retractable, refillable, award winning lint roller that looks as good as you. Flint rollers are retractable, reusable, refillable, and portable with tape that is extra sticky and easy to tear. View Products $200 $70 CREDIT CARD
Third Oak View Products $600 $150 CREDIT CARD
Twisted Wares TWISTED WARES? COMPANY DESCRIPTION Missy, a mother of three boys, had just cleaned the kitchen for the twenty-seventh time that week. As if on cue, her youngest ran in and pulled down the towel she had just hung over the oven handle to dry. Missy knew she could not be the only person who found this frustrating. In her previous life, Missy was a realtor in Seattle. Then the recession of 2008 hit. Her husband lost his job, they lost their own house, and were forced to relocate to Texas with their three young sons. Suddenly, Missy was a stay at home mom, who felt like her life was completely out of her control. And her son constantly pulling down the towel was just the push she needed to take back her power AND create a product that she knew would resonate with people everywhere. ?If I couldn?t control my life in the moment, I was damn well going to control the towel,? she says. And Twisted Wares? was born. The Hang Tight Towel? loop design allows for your towel to be used as you would any towel, and it will stay put when you want it to without buttons, Velcro, or snaps. Twisted Wares? is delighted to bring you inspired, laugh-out-loud, high-quality, and functional products for you to enjoy every day. View Products $200 $140 CREDIT CARD
Wit Wit Gifts is a sassy, quirky, snarky, funky, fresh and seriously funny company creating gifts and accessories for your enemies and friends. View Products $250 $150 CREDIT CARD