Tiramisu Paperie

Tiramisu Paperie

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee in the Spring of 2014, Tiramisu Paperie is a destination for those wanting a curated mix of paper goods that reflect their personal sense of humor. In 2012, I lost the two women who raised me–my mother and my grandmother– it took a huge blow to my heart. Cards poured in telling me how sorry people were and that “God didn’t give me what I couldn’t handle”. I was over it! I wanted someone to tell me “to hell with cancer”, “you should be pissed”, “punch someone” or even “yell at the mailman for no reason”. I needed a lift in my spirits and well I didn’t see any cards that did that, I just cried even more. I NEEDED A LIFT IN MY SPIRITS Because of this loss, I became humbled and realize time is precious and those you care about need honest, raw cards. Your friends and family love you because you are that way-direct, bold, funny, awkward and honest- so why not give them a card like that to lift their spirits? Make sense right. Tiramisu Paperie was developed for those raw moments and to lift those who are just having a crappy day. In Italian, Tiramisu means “a little pick me up” which is exactly what our brand is about. Whether it be a card, a pillow or even a pencil, someone will smile they receive one of our products and then tell you, that is exactly what they needed. A SENSE OF PURPOSE AND MORE Since starting this company I have decided to include my child in this journey by giving him a future for when I am gone. At three years old he was diagnosed as PDD-NOS, which means he is autism spectrum then at nine years old he was classified also as bipolar. Once this information was delivered to me I knew I had to think of his future more than from a normal point of view; who would be there for him as an adult, help him daily with simple things like his medicine and even tying his shoe. Tiramisu Paperie will allow him to gain a sense of purpose and financial freedom as an adult. There are not many options past high school for children like him and planning for this now will m

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