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May 2020

Aroma Paws

We manufacture botanical pet grooming solutions using pure & therapeutic grade essential oils, botanical extracts & human grade conditioning & cleansing ingredients that help animals with their health and wellness, enhancing the human-animal bonding experience. Our passion lies in harnessing the power of botanical herbs & extracts to create grooming solutions that will enhance the quality of pets’ lives by making them clean & comfortable, nurturing your furry family from wet nose to wagging tail! Our belief is that you can have a product that is beneficial to the dog (helps maintain a beautiful coat & itch free skin), beneficial to the earth (toxin free & healthy ingredients) & beneficial to the pet parent (amazing aromas that eliminate unpleasant dog odor) using the highest quality ingredients. All products are made in the USA & our oils and extracts are sourced globally for purity from growers that share our commitment to quality.


BubbleLick™ rises above the others with our unique combination of F.D.A. approved food additive ingredients and environmentally friendly sourced materials. Our bubbles are made in a FDA registered, CGMP-certified and allergen-free facility in the USA. Instead of the typical soapy taste, our bubbles boast yummy flavors, creating excitement every time!

Good Times

Made in the USA! Frozen Cocktail Slushies, NO Blender, NO ice....Just mix, freeze and enjoy!

Honestly Margo

Honestly Margo is a bath and beauty brand that’s “Inspired by Nature & You”. We’re a mother daughter team, representing today’s women, creating products that we personally use and love, to nurture our bodies, and elevate our feeling of amazingness. Our product lines range from bath and body to aromatherapy to beauty and even some gift items, too. Honestly Margo products are always cruelty free, made with natural and organic ingredients, and are all made in America. We create products that are fun to use, are wholesome for our bodies, and awaken your senses. Our approach is that beauty should be simple, fresh, and HONESTLY fun! Honestly Margo’s mission stands for a strong women sisterhood. We celebrate women's ability to be empowered, to have confidence in themselves, to dream big, take chances, and know that anything is possible. This is Honestly Margo


Inis has been creating perfumes and toiletries inspired by the magic, beauty and nature of Ireland For over thirty years. Independent and passionate, they operate from a converted farmhouse in County Wicklow.


Mixture? produces candles, bath & body products, and home cleaning products, all HAND-MIXED for YOU with over 60 luxurious fragrances. Our products are always handmade, to order, in small batches to ensure the freshness and quality of your order.

Super-Sparkly Saftey Stuff, LLC

There was a time when self-defense meant masculine-looking products in boring packaging. Enter the Atteberry family, who realized that if pepper spray were designed with a girly aesthetic in mind, it would change not only the product category forever, but finally get girls excited about taking ownership of their safety.


Tech Candy is a collection of techcessories—from phone water bags to cord organization solutions, wireless speakers to webcam security curtains, LED purse lights to MFi cables— and a host of other gorgeous gadget goodies. Tech Candy is laser focused on women's needs with the goal of reinventing on-trend but otherwise uninspired tech solutions into beautiful, giftable products.


Trove puzzles are infused with all the qualities we know contribute to the most extraordinary puzzle experience. This culmination includes lovingly laser cutting each piece from real wood, designing just the right amount of difficulty to keep the process from being mindless, creating the size and piece count to make the effort mindful, and including whimsical Treasure Pieces in fascinating shapes. Puzzle artisans of the Victorian era crafted puzzles from wood and hand cut them with a jigsaw, making each a true labor of love. Just like Trove puzzles, putting one of these puzzles together was a markedly different experience?the pieces are dropped into place rather than being pressed into place like today?s mass-produced cardboard puzzles. The experience is unlike any other, providing a rewarding *click* with each placed piece.

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Inis Invigorating Body Scrub
Brand: INIS

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Ocean Love Gift Set
Brand: INIS

SKU: T-250-VC-AB

Vintage Advent
Brand: Trove

SKU: T-250-MC-AK

Modern Advent
Brand: Trove


Wonder Femme Beauty Stick Complete Collection
Brand: Honestly Margo


12- RED NO. 27 Cashmere Votives 12- Pink NO. 27 Cashmere Votives 12- Clear NO. 27 Cashmere Votives 8- Valentine Bath bombs 4- Candy Heart Soap sets 4- Valentine Bar soaps
Brand: Mixture


Party 4 Pk Includes Natural Flavors: Milk Chocolate Chip 🍪
 Juicy Watermelon Splash 🍉
 Glazed Cinnamon Roll 🍩 Carnival Cotton Candy 🎡 4 pack 2.5oz ea Works great with Bubble Machines Made in the USA Invented and developed by top pediatrici
Brand: Bubblelick


BLINGSTING Stunning Gun, PINK Rhinestone
Brand: Super-Sparkly Saftey Stuff, LLC


Pre-Pack In The Business
Brand: Good Times


Super Sparkly Safety Stuff Retail Counter Display Rounder & 42 Units
Brand: Super-Sparkly Saftey Stuff, LLC

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